Fitklub offers a range of Health & Fitness services including additional sevices from some of our affiliates. If you would like to discuss any of the services on offer please do contact me at for a Free Consultation or to talk about how FitKlub can help you.

Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage include:

•   Reduces muscle tension
•   Speeds up recovery of muscles post exercise
•   Increased flexibility and joint range of motion (ROM)
•   Helps reduce exercise waste products (lactic acid)
•   Increased sense of well-being
•   Increased blood flow
•   Reduces risk of Injury

Possible side effects of sports massage are tenderness or stiffness for 1 to 2 days after the sports massage. A full contraindications questionnaire will be completed by all clients before any treatment.

Massage Price Guide:

Sports Massage (45mins)  £40
Sports Massage (60mins)  £50
Indian Head Massage (45mins)  £35

Personal Training (PT)

One 2 One Training:

Personal Training is a valuable tool that will optimise results, from helping to set realistic goals, ensuring training programs are specific and continue to motivate you to achieve your goals. All clients are individual and programs are designed with this in mind. We all work, rest and play differently and what's important is that we don't conform to training the way we think we should, but the way we will get results! Committing yourself is first, then comes the rewards!

FitKlub personal training is safe, effective, professional and fun.

Personal Training Price Guideline:


1 PT session  £40
10 PT sessions + Nutritional Support & Food Diary  £380
2:1 PT  £50
3:1 PT  £60
4:1 PT  £70
5:1 PT  £75

Group Training

Train together:

Personal Training can still be 'personal' within a group environment!

Getting together with family or some friends and deciding to invest in Personal Training can speed up all your health & fitness goals. The training will still remain specific by giving allotted time for individual support. Depending on the number in the group, it may be on session time and/or email support.

Training with others can be a lot of fun and a way to share common goals AND achievements!

Group Training Price Guide:

Depending on number in group and number of sessions bought prices can vary.

Nutritional Services

Eating habits:

More than ever, we know that healthy living includes regular exercise and balanced eating habits. Sure, discipline is essential to eat better, cut portions or cut down on naughty treats but whatever our goal, knowing WHAT and WHEN to eat is vital!

Following a text book 'Diet' isn't just impersonal but in most cases a quick fix. Eating according to our goals and lifestyles is essential if we want to achieve and maintain good eating habits that are manageable and make us feel and look GREAT!

Price Guide:

FREE Nutritional Services when booking PT Sessions with FitKlub.


Posture and flexibility:

Pilates is perfect for improving posture and flexibility as well as aiding concentration and rehabilitation, Pilates provides a highly effective and reflective workout.

"Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work"  Joseph Pilates

Pilates Price Guide:

1:1 Pilates  £40
2:1 Pilates  £50
3:1 Pilates  £60