"We thoroughly enjoyed our ten sessions on a Monday evening with you, and when funds permit, I'm sure we will contact you again for more.
It was a great 'family bonding' exercise with all four of us trying (some with more success than others) to put our bodies through the various torture regimes you came up with ;-) We loved your total commitment and friendly approach, and you made us feel relaxed in your company from day 1. I am not the sort of person to go along to the local gym, so with you coming to us, it worked perfectly."
The Wright Family

"I've been working with Nas for almost 6 months now and my fitness levels have increased exponentially. She's incredibly patient but also highly motivating and very knowledgeable about fitness, toning, core, muscle groups and building strength. She's ensured I've built muscle and fitness in a controlled way and always pushes me to the max. Our workouts are always varied and she makes training fun and interesting with a mix of exercises that differ most weeks."
Steve Davis - Farnham

"Nas has provided a Corporate Massage Service to us for over 2 years. I can speak for our entire team when I say that we find Nas friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and always able to offer sound advice for the occasional muscle or tendon related ailment we suffer. This is done whilst providing a relaxing deep sports massage in the convenient location of our office.
Nas arrives with all of the equipment required, gets set up, and with no fuss or disruption to the business gets through all of the appointments and quietly leaves. We have seen more colleagues’ joining the program and Nas is kept busy when providing her monthly sport massage at our premises. I would strongly recommend Nas’ services."

"Having had my second child, I was desperate to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and get fit. Having spoken to Nas who also has two children, I knew that she would be sympathetic to my goals. With a nine month old baby, I knew it wasn't going to be that easy, but Nas was very understanding and patient. With her encouragement and guidance, I managed to lose the weight and unwanted inches! She also advised me on my diet as I was still breast feeding. I reached my target weight loss and felt like me again! Nas made the training so enjoyable which is why I used to really look forward to our sessions. With my new nutritional knowledge I have managed to maintain my target weight so will always be incredibly grateful."
Ali Clarke - Private Client

"I have been attending the gym for over 2 years now on a consistent basis but needed that extra drive and booking personal training sessions with Nas has given me that. I was coasting at my gym sessions whereas I am now being pushed to do more and work harder with a fantastic coach who listens to my needs and is a great motivator. The coaching has really helped me to diversify into different areas of the gym and work harder with clear benefits and more enjoyment. I would recommend them to anyone who is seriously interested in not only keeping fit but ensuring that you are using the right technique so that your hard work pays off in the right areas!"
Arlene Carson - Corporate Banking Manager

"The training and lifestyle guidance that Nas has given me has been fantastic, from the development of an action plan to monitoring progress and giving wonderful encouragement. It all adds to a better level of health, fitness and well being. And it's been made to feel so effortless. The mix of personal fitness training in the gym together with diet and lifestyle guidance really works well and I have very quickly felt the difference in day to day life, Thanks very much"
Jonathan Paull - Company Director

"Nasreen was a tremendous help and support to me when I decided to enter this year's London Triathlon as part of a team. My fitness level was extremely low and I never thought in a million years that I would finish the course. However, Nas gave up her time to come cycling with me and help me towards my fitness goals through a carefully planned fitness regime. She is a brilliant and caring Personal Trainer and I'm not the easiest person to train. My gratitude goes to Nas for all the support, encouragement and brilliant training programmes you gave me over the past year"
Angela Jackson - Company Director